Sunday, June 23, 2013

fainting episode

The week before last I had a fainting episode, I had no clue I had passed out. A friend of mine came over to check on me when I did not answer my phone, for a dr appointment I was supposed to go to that day. I was not responsive and I had no clue I had fainted or how long I was out for, I do not even know what I was doing before it happened. I had gone to the er by ems, and the er dr could not figure out what caused me to faint.  I am now in the process of trying to find out what caused it to happen. This is not the first time I have fainted it happened quite a few times but the first time was before I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and was much younger.  I had some blood work and CT scan of my head at the ER that came back clear.
  My primary had done an echocardiogram that came back normal and some blood work finger stick again all normal. He also did Orthostatics for my blood pressure to see if that was the cause but that came back normal. Saturday till part of today I had to wear a halter monitor for 24 hours. I had had a 24 hr. halter monitor test done before years ago for a different reason, but it amazing how much smaller the halter monitors have gotten since then. I was actually surprised my primary had the halter monitors in his office and did not have to be sent to a cardiologist to have it done like I did when they did it years ago.
          I go back to my primary tomorrow and see what the plan from their is. He is trying to do his best to find out the cause of this, because he knows this has me concerned and this recent episode scared me  and also that it not really an isolated incidence and that it happened more then once so knows something most likely has to be causing it. He also knows it scared me and that I would like to be able to find out what causing it. So we can try to deal with it, especially because I have no warning before it happens it just happens so I have no time to try to prevent it from happening or be able to do anything about it and I don't know it happened until after I've come to and don't know how long I am out for each time it happens. so I am hoping we will have an answer soon to what is causing it and can find out how to treat it or prevent it from happening.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

updated on my ankle

So I thought I would put on update on my ankle. It still the not doing well, it actually worse in some way's like trying to bear weight etc. so I have to use crutches for a while until I can bear weight on it or tolerate walking on it. My Dr said it going to take a while to heal and I will have issues with it in the future which is not what I was expecting to hear. He did an MRI and found evidence of old sprains of medial and lateral ligaments and old tears of ligaments.  I also have some brevis tendinitis, as well as fluid build up joint effusion. preservation of joint spaces which explains the swelling.  a nonspecific 8mm focus of low-signal in the subcutaneous soft tissues beneath the calcaneus which suggests fibrosis from prior trauma or prior bouts of plantar fasciitis. their is also mild tendinopathy of both the peroneus longus and brevis tendons. their is also a recent contusion or mild strain of the dorsal musculature at the level of the cuboid. Mild soft tissues swelling about the posteromedial aspect of the ankle which suggests a recent contusion or recent sprain of the ankle.  their is also age-indeterminate partial disruption of the sinus tarsi versus mild sinus tarsi syndrome. ther is also mild dorsal soft tissue swelling, mild strain of the dorsal musculature of the extensor muscles at the level of the cuboid. Their is a bone bruise versus mild sesamoiditis of the medial sesamoid of the first metatarsophalangel joint. i am to stay off it and keep it elevated as much as possible till it heals.  so I guesses that means ill be watching a lot on  TV or movies when If their nothing good on TV or being here on the internet since their not a lot I am able to do until this heals. so mostly that what going on here with the ankle and where things stand as of the moment. I also have to keep it wrapped in an ace bandage to try to help keep the swelling down as well. I also did find out why the pain is so bad is because it causing my rsd (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) or chronic regional pain syndrome to flair up from the injury and it was my worst RSD/CRPS foot/ankle that is the one I am having issues with. so at least now I know why the pain is the way it is not just from hurting my ankle but causing issues with my pain, which I thought it probably would do, and my pain DR confirmed it would cause my RSD to flair so In some ways as much as I don't want that it answers all the extra pain even when I am off my foot/ankle. Since i have been soaking my foot/ankle in wram water Epsom salts and hydrogen-peroxide with my foot/ankle in a bucket for 20mins a couple times a day it helped the swelling some, but my cats look at my like what the heck is she doing, my female cat wanted to try to dip her paw in and wanted to begin to play in it, it was the funniest thing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

sprained my ankle.

this is my ankle on thurs when it started to hurt
I sprained my ankle somehow not knowing I did, at least that what my primary dr told me. He at first thought I had torn something due to how bad the swelling was. It sucks, because it really painful and swollen. so I have to stay off it for a couple of days and keep it elevated and see how things go with it from their. I at first thought the swelling was due to my chronic pain issue reflex sympathetic dystrophy but when i realized the other foot and ankle was not swollen and it hurt to walk on more then my usual I knew something was not right and I knew it was not due to my platerfaceitis or mortons neuroma.  i am hoping it heals soon because the extra pain really sucks on top of my normal pain, I don't like having to deal with any extra more pain then i have to. I am not looking foward to explaing it to my pain dr.
 I have been spending more time in bed due to pain and having been sick with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago, and then right after that I had a bad gastroparesis flair attack, that i am still dealing with. I was in bed for due to not feeling well. So my bed has seen more of me then it ever been used to.  Even my female cat sassy knows when ive not been feeling well and she has been laying with me the whole time ive been in bed the past few weeks sick. she is the best cat, she knows how to take care of mom and she knows im not myself with how much ive been in bed she knows this amount of time ive spent in bed is more time then she seen me spend in bed in a while, just like my bed knows ive not spent this much time in it for a while either.

this is my foot ankle sat and you can see the diffrence in how the swelling is worse from thurs and thurs was the day it started to hurt.